6 Green Tea Skin Benefits

Promoted as the miracle drink of modern times, green tea has become very popular all over the world.

Over the last decades scientists have uncovered a variety of health benefits attributed to the natural ingredients of green tea.

You may already be aware that it works wonders when it comes to cancer and weight loss, but do you know that it is also good for the skin?

All modern skin and hair products use green tea as one of their main ingredients.  Used either as a cream, lotion or shampoo, or simply drunk on a daily basis, this anti-oxidant packed natural product helps fight free radicals that can cause premature aging or disease.

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Here is what green tea can do for your skin health:

1.  Fights free radicals

Free radicals naturally occur in the body following the exposure to excess sunlight, pollution and smoking. Green tea skin benefits are explained by the potent antioxidants found in this drink, that increase the antioxidant capacity of tissues and blood.

2. Rejuvenates skin cells

A 2003 study conducted by the Medical College of Georgia proved that green tea was able to rejuvenate old skin cells. It reported that in certain concentrations, EGCG stimulated aged keratinocytes (cells whose main function is to form a barrier against environmental damage) to generate biological energy and synthesize DNA, for renewed cell division. This is indeed an amazing finding.

It has been proven that products based on the extract of this type of tea reverse the aging process at a cellular level, so with that in mind, you should start using these products to prevent your skin cells from deteriorating.

Remember it’s easier to prevent than to fight the effect of aging. Used regularly, the skin products based on green tea increase the elasticity of the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles.

3. Neutralizes UV light

There are a number of studies that have indicated that green tea extract neutralizes the damaging effects of UV rays on human skin. At a concentration level of 4 mg per 2.5 cm square of skin, subjects have received complete protection from sunburn.

The sun protection benefits of green tea are well documented so you may want to apply a product based on it your regular sunscreen the next time you go to the beach.  And since the exposure to sunlight is a major aging factor for the skin, this is one way green tea creams can prevent premature aging.

4. Prevents skin cancer

The positive effects of green tea when it comes to preventing and fighting cancer are well-known.  The rich polyphenol content in it fights the free radicals that are among the main causes of cell mutations leading to skin cancer. Since in most cases skin cancer is a preventable disease, you should start drinking and using green tea products on your skin as soon as possible.

5. Fights inflammations

Due to its constituents, it has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

People who suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis, dandruff, rosacea, or those whose skin is simply sensitive can benefit from the its soothing effect.

6. Fights acne

Acne is a very common skin condition affecting a large percentage of people under 40. A study conducted by the Seoul National University Hospital proved that:

EGCG significantly improved acne in an 8-week randomized, split-face, clinical trial, and was well tolerated. Our data provide a therapeutic rationale for the use of EGCG in acne.

In addition to the beneficial properties already listed above, the catechins in green tea are anti-bacterial and they also regulate hormone activity.

A study conducted in 2003 showed that green tea cream is as good as benzoyl peroxide cream, but without any side-effects.


The skin benefits have all been substantiated by studies. The positive effects on the skin can be felt after only a few applications. You can purchase green tea based products or you can prepare your own extract by steeping 100g of tea in half a liter of clean water. Spray it on your skin and you can freshen your face, treat minor cuts, reduce swelling or soothe sunburns with it.

Remember, to maximize the many positive effects of green tea on the skin, you can use it in different ways: drink it, spray it on your body or apply it as a cream, lotion or shampoo.

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