How To Make Green Tea In 4 Simple Steps

I’m sure you’ve heard about the many health benefits of green tea and perhaps you’ve even tried to make yourself a cup at least once. But, do you really know how to make green tea? If when you think of the taste of green tea the words “grassy” or “bitter” come into mind, then you’ve made one of the most common mistakes when it comes to preparing green tea: water temperature!

Kettle pouring tea into cupGreen tea does not taste like your regular tea, and it may even take a while before your taste buds get used to the new sensation, but this does not mean you have to immediately turn to the commercial, bottled green tea that loses some of its qualities through processing and has added substances to make it sweeter and last longer.

Different types of green tea have different flavors. Some varieties have a sweet aftertaste while others are a little astringent. Generally the flavor of this drink has been described as fresh, light or green. So, let’s see how to make green tea correctly.

One of the first things you should know, and at the same time, one you are unlikely to have thought of is that the quality of the water you use influences the taste of your tea. Hard water for example, as most tap water is, is not recommended for green tea and you’d better use filtered water if you want to get the most out of the exquisite flavor of your cup of green tea.

The water temperature has a great influence on the taste. If you pour boiling water on the tea leaves, it will instantly cook them and they will release more tannins, which means the tea will have a strong, bitter taste. This is the number one reason people give up drinking green tea after the first cup. The solution to this problem is quite simple, make sure the temperature of the water is somewhere between 80 and 90 degrees Celsius (140-185 degrees Fahrenheit).

You don’t need a thermometer to constantly check the temperature of the water; you can simply keep your eye on the water so it doesn’t boil, or if it started boiling wait for 30 seconds before pouring it in the cup. At this temperature, the bulk of the tannins will not dissolve and you get the natural sweetness and the pure flavor of the leaves.

Another useful tip for correct green tea preparation, when you use tea leaves, is to make sure that the leaves have enough room to fully expand. Some varieties are tightly rolled and need plenty of room to expend to get all the taste out of the leaf. You can either place the leaves directly in the water or use an infuser.

When it comes to infusion times, check the recommendation on the tea box, or experiment a little. The infusion time for various tea brands differs from 1 to 2 minutes to up to 7 minutes. After a few trials you will find the taste that is right for you. Remember you can infuse the tea bags more than once. They keep their taste and properties, the only thing that decreases with repeated use is the caffeine content.

Taking into consideration the recommendations above, here’s how you can make green tea in four simple steps:

  1. Heat the water to a temperature of 80 to 90 degrees Celsius / 140-185 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Pour water over the tea leaves or tea bag
  3. Allow it 2-3 minutes to infuse
  4. Remove the tea leaves of tea bag and enjoy your cup of green tea!

When you prepare green tea for your weight loss program, it’s best that you drink it plain. If you do want to sweeten your tea with honey or sugar, or if you want to add some milk to it you can do that without worrying about calories too much, because green tea encourages the calorie burning process in your body. So, now that you know how to prepare green tea, go make yourself a cup and enjoy all the benefits of this miracle drink!

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