Does Green Tea Really Speed Up Metabolism?

Green tea is the most popular drink today and some of its popularity is definitely due to the fact it helps with weight loss. Now, we are all looking for the miracle solution to shed extra pounds without any effort, but the big question is…Does green tea speed up metabolism? Does it really work?

cup of green tea pictureMetabolism is a series of biochemical processes within the body to maintain life. Your body is constantly burning calories when you’re eating, drinking, walking, or even sleeping. These calories are taken either from your food intake that day, or – in case you ate less calories than needed – from the fat reserves on different parts of your body. The big question is, can green tea influence the metabolic process?

The answer is “Yes!” It has been scientifically proven that the ingredients in green tea help boost the metabolism and promote healthy weight loss. Several studies have been made and they all indicated that green tea consumers managed to lose more weight than the control group. But how does it work? One of the ingredients in green tea is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a type of catechin and it is to this ingredient that the beneficial properties of green tea are attributed.

In a 1999 study of the University of Geneva, results proved that EGCG speeds up metabolism by 4% a day; so the body burns 4% more calories for everyday activities. Green tea increases thermogenesis – the process through which the body burns calories in order to produce heat. This means your body will start burning its fat reserves for “fuel”. If you can control your diet so as to create a small calorie deficit and drink green tea, you will soon see significant improvement in your weight.

An added bonus to the thermogenetic effect of green tea is the fact that the coffee content in it will give you plenty of energy, so you can be active throughout the day and burn even more calories. Don’t worry, this caffeine is different from that of coffee, you it’s very unlikely you’ll get any of caffeine’s side effects.

The symptoms of a slow metabolism include:

  • fatigue
  • low blood pressure
  • constipation
  • dry skin

Green tea helps you improve all these as it gives you energy, raises blood pressure, and solves the constipation and skin problems. So you can’t go wrong with a cup of green tea.

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