Cho-Yung Tea Review

Cho-Yung Tea is a brand of green tea that has helped thousands of people around the world lose weight and improve their health. Made from the leaves of Camilla Sinensis and a combination of other traditional herbs and plants, it purifies the body and supports various organs through the digestive process, improving the overall health of its users.

big bagThe primary ingredient of Cho-Yung Diet Tea is green tea. Green tea has been used for centuries almost as a medicine, due to its many health benefits among which the most popular is weight loss. If you were to look on the ingredient list of most weight- loss products (both pills and teas) you will see that green tea is always present. Green tea extract is used in the most efficient manner in this new brand of tea which means the drinker gets the enhanced weight loss benefits.

What does the green tea in Cho-Yung do for your health?

  • increases energy expenditure with positive effects on weight management
  • lowers the risk of cancer, as studies have recently proved
  • is a natural way to improve health and lifestyle. Natural products are safer for the digestive system and long-term overall health than medicinal drugs, with little to no side effects
  • oxidizes fat instead of blocking its absorption

What other natural ingredients go into Cho-Yung tea?

A lot of care goes into this all natural green tea. The freshest Camilla Sinensis leaves are picked by Cho-yung farmers three times a year, they are sun dried and then treated with heat so as to stop the oxidation processes and preserve the beneficial qualities of the plant. In its blend, Cho-Yung has also included traditional herbs that support weight loss by optimizing digestion. Here is a list of its ingredients and their benefits for your health:

  • Lotus leaf: – optimizes the metabolism and digestion, cleansing the spleen
  • Hawthorn: –assists the digestive process and promotes good health
  • Oolong tea: – stops oxidation
  • Cassia seeds: – support the functions of the liver, kidney and large intestine
  • Poria – is a tonic for the internal organs, supporting the functions of the spleen, kidney and heart; it also helps the immune system
  • Alisma rhizome – supports the kidney, liver and large intestine, also used to treat constipation
  • Jiaogulan – overall regulating effect.

Combined, these Cho Yung tea ingredients help you flush out the toxins in your body. These toxins accumulating in your system prevent the body from functioning normally and from using the calories the right way which leads not only to various health problems including weight gain.  The ingredients above help remove these toxins accelerating the weight loss process.

Does Cho-Yung have any side-effects?

Very few Cho-Yung tea consumers have complained about suffering from loose bowel movements during the first two or three days. This happens as a reaction of their bodies to the complex natural ingredients in the tea that start to break down solid fat and remove it from the body via the excretory system. The body usually gets used to this process within a day or two and no other side effects have been recorded. However, in case of more serious, long-term disorders lasting over four days you should contact your physician for advice. Remember, Cho-Yung is all natural, so side-effects are a very rare occurrence.

Directions for use

Place a tea bag into a cup and add boiling water. Let the leaves infuse for 5 minutes. You can add a teaspoon of honey, if you want to. Just two cups of Cho-Yung Tea per day will make all the difference in the world. Results show in as little as three to five days; you will feel better, more energetic, more relaxed and you will notice that you will start losing weight without any additional effort. Of course, if you want to lose weight at an even faster pace, start doing some light exercises – you will be surprised with the results!

Let nature work for you

Take advantage of this all-natural product to improve your overall health and lose weight without any efforts. There are no side effects and results show before you know it. So don’t waste any more time and drink Cho-Yung tea to make a difference in your life!

Visit here the official Cho-Yung tea website.

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