10 Unusual Ways to Use Green Tea Leaves

Many people don’t know that there are more ways to use tea leaves than brew a cup of tea.

scoop with used tea leaves on the tableSome drink it for its unique and exquisite taste, other for its positive effects on overall health or for its weight loss properties, but few are aware that the green tea leaves can be used to various other purposes as well.

Extremely versatile, they can be a true miracle ingredient for your entire household.

1. Green food for your house plants

Let some tea leaves rest in cold water for 48 hours, then use this water for your house plants. This mixture of nutrients can be a real fertilizer and pick-me-up for your flower pots and indoor or outdoor plants.

Be careful to remove the leaves beforehand because their later decay may attract small insects and pests.

You can use the leaves only for rose bushes, because in this case they form a protective film for the rose roots.

2. Get rid of nasty smells in your fridge

We all know that no matter what, in time, your fridge gets a nasty smell from all the combinations of foods you keep in it. This is often a problem that doesn’t go away with a simple cleaning of the inside of the fridge, and that is actually unrelated to how clean your fridge is.

What you need to do in case you have a “smelly” fridge is put some dried tea leaves on the top shelf, and the unpleasant smell will go away literally overnight. Just like baking soda, the leaves will absorb the odors and keep away the bacteria for a long period of time.

3. A new look for your carpets and furniture

If your carpet is full of dust and looks like you’ve been using it for ages, you can freshen it up and give it a new, fresh look in a matter of minutes. Sprinkle some leaves that have been dipped in water on it and leave them on for half an hour. Then vacuum the leaves and your carpet will look as good as new.

The old or new furniture that still smells of wood can be helped by green tea. To make it shinny and spotless, use a cloth dipped in green tea to swipe. The new wood smell will also go away instantly.

4. An excellent cleaning product

The tea has proven antibacterial properties that work not only internally but also externally. You can clean your counter tops, sink, bathtub or stove using a simple solution made by boiling a small cup of leaves into a quart of water for fifteen minutes. This is an organic, chemical-free way to keep your home clean.

5. Spa treatment at home

The leaves can also be used for facial treatments. Your skin will definitely feel much younger and fresher, since green tea prevents cell aging. You can mix leaf powder with olive oil and home-made mayo and get a very healthy and refreshing skin treatment.

If you have an acne, you can use the leaves from your cup of tea and scrub your sensitive skin. This will have a soothing effect and improve blood circulation, and if done regularly will get rid of your skin problems.

6. Fresh breath

Do you love onions and garlic, but can’t have them as much as you want because they leave you with that nasty breath?

Green tea leaves will get rid of that. Clean your mouth with freshly prepared tea right after you finish eating and no one will be able to tell you had a salad or some garlic sauce with your lunch steak.

7. A restful sleep

If you are having problems sleeping than drinking a cup of this type of tea before you go to bed is not a good idea since it has relatively high caffeine content. What you need to do is keep some dried leaves on your night-stand or on your pillow.

According to Chinese tradition, their flavor will chase insomnia away and decrease your arterial pressure. Be careful to change the leaves daily since they absorb humidity and deteriorate.

8. Flavor – boosting ingredient

You can get creative and cook using tea leaves. You can use them for cakes, ice-creams or bread dough. Your food will get an exotic and unique taste.

A nice way to impress someone for breakfast is to use the leaves in the water you boil your eggs in, then after the eggs are hard boiled, crack the shell and let them inside the water for a couple of minutes. They will get a nice color and a mild, pleasant smell.

9. Insect-repellent

If you are bothered by mosquitoes or flies and want to avoid all types of bug-bites, all you need to do is burn some dried leaves. The smell won’t disturb you at all, but will keep nasty insects away for good, so you can sleep with your windows open.

10.  Reduce the humidity in your home

Moisture encourages the growth of mold and fungus in closed areas, and this may lead to serious health problems. Sun-dried tea leaves are efficient moisture absorbers. Just keep some in a damp corner and they will draw excess moisture. Every couple of days, make sure you re-dry your leaves outside or change them altogether, as moisture deteriorates them.

So, there are more uses for green tea than you thought. This very efficient plant is a real helper inside a home so you should have it around. You never know when you need it!

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